GLT Tanzania Project

For this GLT GiveBack trip we will be working with a  community in Arusha, Tanzania. The local school, where we will be assisting, is under the supervision of the local governments of Kiranyiward and Siwandeti ward. They manage three primary schools, Ilkiurei Primary School, Olchoki Primary school and Natema Primary school.

The Ilkiurei primary school, with a total number of 316 boys and 351 girls, is the local government school, built solely through the villager’s self funding and work ethic, and has since been helped partly through donations from foreign individuals. The school maintenance costs are funded by the Government but the upkeep is left to the local Maasai community. Struggling for funding, you will see that the classrooms are falling apart. Additionally their equipment is lacking and despite the hard work by the teachers, they’re constantly fighting a losing battle. 

With the help of you, we will be able to pledge 2 new refurbished classrooms for the community. This will allow the hiring of local engineers and labourers to take ownership of the project, and begin construction 4 months before we arrive, stimulating the local micro-economy but also ensuring engagement within the school and community.

With the addition of our on site labour during the trip, that will allow us to add the final touches to these classrooms. A luxury appreciated so much by the kids and locals alike, but a touch that wouldn’t otherwise be added. We will assist with painting the project, tidying up the area, landscaping and donating much needed additional supplies that will allow the classroom to truly feel like a place of learning.


How We Make a Difference

We are fully aware of many tourism companies falling under the guise of ‘Voluntourism’, where activities with children are included, where volunteering for an hour for a photo opportunity, or where non-local vendors are used to carry out the work. We cannot stress highly enough how that doesn’t represent the work we carry out nor the trips we run. We never include any child-focused activities. We wholeheartedly believe in ‘Transformational Community Development’, as our method of sustainable development and is used today to lift communities out of cyclical poverty.

Our projects are carried out via a local NGO, where all staff mirror the nationality of the country where the work is carried out, in this case Tanzania. From there we hire local vendors, native to the country, but more specifically involved within the community directly. Prior to this work, our partner NGO has liaised with the local community to identify a project, 6 months before our trip is planned, from there the relevant stakeholders discuss the options and then inform us of their decision.

We then drip-feed the funding (from our donors) through our partner NGO. They discuss and employ all parties from there-on-in, overseeing the 4 month preparation and construction. Throughout this process we’re kept up to date with progression. 

Ideally, as our trip arrives in our partner community, work will be reaching completion. From here, our travellers arrive and witness the great work that our partners have carried out, and the impact a relatively small donation can make to a community. We will assist with the final touches on the project, under the watchful eye of the staff involved, painting, landscaping, furnishings etc, adding a little touch of final TLC that otherwise wouldn’t be carried out. This last addition brings the project a wonderful last appearance, and draws the project to a close. 

We are fully committed to both our partner NGOs, and our partner communities, both now and in the future. You can sign up to our mailing list to get yearly updates on the project, and any future work we carry out with their help.

The Process 

For this project, we have a target budget of $10,000. 

100% of your donation will go directly into this grassroots project. We work with our well-established, non-profit organization in Arusha to make sure we are operating at the best value on a truly needed improvement. 

What's really cool is that your donation is not only going to mean the world to a child and a community, but your donation could actually bring you on the trip of a lifetime to be part of it! Each time you donate to the project, your name will be entered into the sweepstakes to win an all expense paid spot on our Girls LOVE Travel Tanzania Trip!

The trip  sweepstakes is open to any Girls LOVE Travel member over the age of 18. 

Prize includes: 

  • -All hotels while in Tanzania during the tour dates. 
  • -All transportation throughout Kenya and Tanzania, including domestic flights. 
  • -All activities during the trip  including the Serengeti Safari and National Park Fees, entry in the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, and the Dwoh sunset cruise in Zanzibar.  
  • -All breakfasts during the tour. a
  • -Project donation 

Draw Date will be May 1st, 2019

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